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Photo ID: 1011108
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Location: Red Stewart Aviation,
Red Stewart Airport,
Waynesville, Ohio
Date: 2003, August Photographer: Stoltzfus, Ken
Notes: 9/1/03 - It might be said that the folks at Red Stewart Aviation are "living in yesterday". In denial of the real world. Well, maybe so. Or maybe they're just living in a wonderful "today".

I went down to Red Stewart Airport (40i) to a big fly-in on August 31, to take a lot of photos. It got rained out and I only shot one aircraft besides several that are based there. But what an experience!

The Stearman back there has a Continental W-670 that is being overhauled on the spot. That doesn't happen often these days. There are Smith Miniplane wings here and parts for other aircraft there. We'll go on into the hangar for a couple more shots. It's a fascinating place to just stand and gaze. The more you look the more you see.

Photo ID: 1011109
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Notes: The Stearman, sans engine. Nose cone for a single-place Schweizer. Numerous 4-cylinder Continentals lying here and there, and an IO-540. Cans of dope of various colors from many projects past and present. Yeah, I remember when this was the ordinary rather than the exception in terms of airport operations.

Go through the sliding wood door on the left there and you'll see a pair of beautiful and delicate wood wings for a truly antique Schweizer (1-19 or 1-20, I believe). That appears to be the dope and fabric room, probably a corner that is kept better-heated than the rest of the shop. I remember that, except that ours was heated by a coal furnace.
Photographer: Stoltzfus, Ken

Photo ID: 1011110
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Notes: Wood ailerons from the old Schweizer glider, and wings from a 2-33. "Stuff" stored overhead. There's enough projects in that little hangar to keep people busy for a long time. And I'll bet they enjoy it a whole lot more than most of the people who work only on the modern spam cans in a spit and polished shop! This is not only for money, it is for love, and hopefully there is enough money in it to keep them going!

I need to get back down there - - to meet the folks and learn to know them a bit. Yes, I know - - we live in a real world and it's simply not practical for everyone to do it this way. But still, an occasional trip back in time doesn't hurt anyone!
Photographer: Stoltzfus, Ken

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