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Aircraft photo photograph Northern Lights
Photo ID: 1011783
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Model: Beechcraft 18, C-45F, C-18S Registration: C-FGUE, CF-GUE
Year: 1943 Serial Number: Beech c/n 8107, AAF 44-47699
Engine(s): P&W R985, 9-Cyl. Radials, 450-HP Owner: Clearwater Airways, Emo, ON Canada
Location: Sportsman's Landing, Emo, ON Canada Photographer: Ken Stoltzfus
Date: July 2005 Present Registration: Same Present Owner (FAA info): Same
Notes: 10/15/05 - This is one of those "right place at the right time" shots. We were at Clearwater Airways, Sportsman's Landing, Emo, ON, and I was in our motorhome on the edge of the lake when I saw the Northern Lights starting to come out. I grabbed my Canon, ran for the dock and got a series of these. I didn't know the Lights could be segmented like that! And no, there is nothing composite here including the full moon over the nose!

Uniform-Echo was built as an AAF C-45F, s/n 44-47699, and according to an email from Parmerter was delivered on 1/14/45 to the 1000th Base Unit, Bowman Field, Louisville, KY.

It has remained a C-18S series aircraft, Beech c/n 8107. According to Parmerter, this is one of the 12 that Joe Marrs put on floats in the late 1950's, early '60's. At that time it was U.S. registered as N8033H and subsequently as N480DB. You can see more history on this aircraft below the photos.

Clearwater Airways is the air arm of L&M Sioux Lookout Fly-In Camps, in Emo, ON. The Larry & Mary Adams family owns outpost cabins on lakes out in the bush and will fly you in for fishing and hunting. They have two Twin Beech floatplanes and a Cessna 206. You can learn more about their operation at They imported C-FGUE into Canada in 2001.
Beech Beechcraft  N490DB, N8033H, C-FGUE, CF-GUE
Photo ID: 1011784
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Another shot later in the evening. Fortunately I do digital, which I often refer to as "guilt free picture taking" - - otherwise I'd have to restrain myself (not much chance of that) or Elaine and I would be in the poorhouse (not a good option)
Photographer: Ken Stoltzfus
L&M Outpost, Clearwater Airways, Emo, Ontario
Photo ID: 1011785
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Larry Adams graciously allowed us to park on the edge of the lake, near his dock. I can sleep well even with the motorhome leaning if I'm near Twin Beech's on the water.
Photographer: Ken Stoltzfus

Photo ID: 1011786
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Screaming Beech. The Adams family has two Twin Beechs and this is the one that son Shane flies. It's not just an airplane to him, he speaks of it with affection.

Note the two-piece windshield and 3-Bladed Hartzells.
Photographer: Ken Stoltzfus
Twin Beech Beechcraft 18 seaplane conversion photo
Photo ID: 1011787
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Pretty sturdy float struts there!

All but one of the Beech's I got photos of had the original exhaust system with tailpipe. All of the C-18's (Joe Marrs' mods) have cowl flaps installed, and all of the D-18 series (Bristol Aerospace) have the cowl flaps removed.
Photographer: Ken Stoltzfus
Twin Beech Beechcraft 18 Edo Bristol 56-7850 floats
Photo ID: 1011788
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Edo 56-7850A type floats built by Bristol Aerospace Limited in Winnipeg, MB, Canada.

Although D-18's are typically higher gross weight than C-18's (originally #8750 versus #7850), all of the floatplanes are the same at #8725 because of float limits.
Photographer: Ken Stoltzfus
Edo Bristol 56-7850 float plane cargo bins seaplane
Photo ID: 1011789
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Cargo bins in the floats.
Photographer: Ken Stoltzfus
Aerospace Products cargo door, Beech Beechcraft 18
Photo ID: 1011790
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This is a Lee Cameron, Aerospace Products cargo door.
Photographer: Ken Stoltzfus
Photos photographs Twin Beech 18 aircraft interior
Photo ID: 1011791
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Seating for five, plus the lucky dude who gets to ride up front, and still lots of room for "stuff".
Photographer: Ken Stoltzfus
Photos photographs Twin Beech 18 instrument panel
Photo ID: 1011792
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Sharp, and nicely equipped for such an aircraft!
Photographer: Ken Stoltzfus
Photos pictures Twin Beech 18 nose fuel tank
Photo ID: 1011793
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Shane Adams fueling the nose tank, which is helpful for CG in addition to more capacity.

Clearwater Airways is one of several family-operated, Twin Beech operations that we visited where two generations are flying
Photographer: Ken Stoltzfus
History on C-FGUE, from Bob Parmerter, reformatted by KenS:
Bill of Sale October 12, 1956, US Air Force to Ball-Ralston Flying Service, C-45F 44-47699, N8033H, $7,111.11;
4/57, Sold to MJM, Inc., Seattle, WA, M. J. Murdock president;
2/63, To George H. Felt, Roseburg, OR;
9/83, To Douglas G. Solberg, Juneau, AK;
3/84, To David C. Wunsch, Juneau, AK, now on floats;
11/89, To Alaska Coastal Airlines, Inc., Juneau, AK. Security agreement April 4, 1990 describes the aircraft as a floatplane with Edo 7850 floats, Hartzell propellers and a cargo door;
7/91, Alaska Coastal Airlines letter requests registration to N480DB;
3/97, To Wilderness Air Inc., Juneau, changed back to N8033H, 12/98;
12/99, To North Star Aviation, Juneau;
5/01, To Clearwater Airways, present owners.
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