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Canadian 3NM, 3NMT
Photo ID: 1011772
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Model: Beechcraft 18, 3NM, 3NMT, D-18S Registration: C-GEHX, CG-EHX
Year: 1952 Serial Number: Beech c/n A-712, RCAF c/n CA-112, RCAF 5181
Engine(s): P&W R985, 9-Cyl. Radials, 450-HP each Owner: Red Lake Airways, Red Lake, ON Canada
Location: Red Lake, ON Canada Photographer: Ken Stoltzfus
Date: July, 2005 Present Registration: Same Present Owner (FAA info): Same
Notes: 10/15/05 - Elaine and I visited the Norseman Festival in Red Lake, ON, July 22-24, 2005. A family friend, Whitey Hostetler*, is a Red Lake old-timer, having been there for over 45 of his 80+ years. We parked our motor home beside Whitey and Esther's home and they gave us the royal treatment including taking me to all of the nooks and crannies where interesting aircraft were operating.

I have the sales brochure on this aircraft from when it was sold August 12, 1970 by Crown Assets Disposal Corporation. It was located at 402 Canadian Forces Technical Services Detachment, Saskatoon, SK and had been brought in from CFB Portage in February. They described it as Expeditor 3NMT with 7336-hours total time. Engines were 644 and props 42-hours since overhaul. My father's notes say it was very nice and it is one that he noted that he would pay $6,000 for. He bought two others for $6,000 and $6,500 each.

I suspect that CA-112 initially went to the States for a while as it was reimported in 1975. Canadian DOT records show the following history since 1982. (Some of these transfers may have been leases.)
North Cariboo Flying Service, Fort St. John, AB until 8/82;
Minto Airways, Edmonton, AB until 11/82;
North Cariboo Flying Service, again, until 7/83;
Minto Airways, again, until 12/83;
Ontario Central Airlines, Gimli, MB until 7/84;
North Cariboo Flying Service, again, until 8/84;
Nunasi-Central Airlines, Winnipeg, MB until 6/85;
La Ronge Aviation Services, La Ronge, SK until 7/85;
Minto Airways, again, until 10/86;
Sky-North, Red Lake, ON until 5/87;
Red Lake Airways, Red Lake, ON until 4/88;
Sky North, again, until 10/88;
Red Lake Airways, Red Lake, ON, again, current.

C-GEHX was built in 1952 as Beechcraft D-18S c/n A-712, Canadian 3NM c/n CA-112, RCAF 5181 (Although I suspect that it was initially RCAF 1512 and was re-identified as RCAF 5181 because of some s/n conflicts). It was converted in the 1960's from a 3NM to 3NMT by removing navigational training equipment and installing more seats.
Canadian 3NM, 3NMT, CA-112, RCAF 5181 photos
Photo ID: 1011773
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Moving easy. Floatplane pilots are (generally) a patient bunch. That helps keep from bashing the floats into the dock, dunking the aircraft in rough water and other not-so-nice things.
Photographer: Ken Stoltzfus
Beech Beechcraft C-GEHX, CG-EHX Bristol Floats
Photo ID: 1011774
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Drifting in now with both shut down. Barrels are almost as common to seaplane docks as airplanes are.
Photographer: Ken Stoltzfus
Beech 18, Canadian 3N, 3NM, 3NMT Floatplane
Photo ID: 1011775
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Grabbing the wing rope to pull it in.
Photographer: Ken Stoltzfus
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