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Photo ID: 1011293
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Model: BE-18T, TC-45J Registration: N38L
Year: 1953 Serial Number: Bu No 51132, Beech C/N 6323
Engine(s): PT6A-20, 550-HP Owner: K&K Aircraft
Bridgewater, VA
Location: Los Alamitos, CA Photographer: Stoltzfus, Ken
Date: 2003, October Present Registration: Present Owner (FAA info):
Notes: 10/22/03 - Karl's first turbine '18. His fleet of five aircraft have flown around 50,000 accident free hours, but their days are numbered. N38L was his first Turbine '18, and it will probably be the last to go.

Unofficial History:
Originally built in the early 1940's as a Navy SNB-2C Navigator, which was a C-18 series aircraft. One of over 2000 military C-18's converted by the factory to the D-18 series in the early 1950's. It became a TC45J/SNB-5, with the single fuel system and a wobble pump, instead of the dual fuel system and submerged fuel boost pumps which the Air Force C-45H has.

First document in FAA records is a Bill of Sale dated July 26, 1965. Normandie Iron & Metal, of Goodyear, AZ, paid the U.S. Government $454.00 for "TC45J/SNB-5, USN BU NO. 51132".

Sept-71, sold to Hamilton Aircraft Company, Tucson, AZ, as N16008. The bill of sale was signed by Sol Kotz, a gentleman my father knew well. Nov-71, Hamilton gave the aircraft as collateral, as a "Hamilton Westwind". Mar-75, Hamilton application for original airworthiness certification, 337 shows spar kit, extended nose, 11,100# gross weight kit, cargo/airstair door, crew door, cargo floor, and two-piece windshield. Apr-75, Standard Airworthiness Certificate, application showed 6500-hours TT. June-74, Hamilton, collateral again as a "C-45-Westwind III", still N16008. June-75, sold to Maxson Aviation, Kotzebue, AK, as Beech C-45, N16008. They registered it as a TC-45J. Aug-79, converted to PT6A-20 engines, in Alaska. Nov-79, sold to Condor Aviation, Mt. Hope, Ontario, Canada. Apr-89, aircraft sold by Keewatin Air Limited, of Winnipeg, MB, Canada, to K&K Aircraft in Bridgewater, VA, in damaged condition. July-89, K&K de-registered Beech E18S, BA-223, N38L, and had that registration put on this aircraft as TC-45J, s/n 51132. Sept-89, TC-45J, s/n 51132, C-GBLI was removed from the Canadian registry. Apr-90, Standard Airworthiness Certificate, and Special Airworthiness Certificate, Restricted Category. Aircraft total time was now 12,752 hours.

When Karl bought the aircraft in Canada, the tail, one wing and one landing gear were torn off. He shipped parts back to Virginia in a boxcar, repaired them and shipped them back up in a boxcar. They scabbed the airplane together and Karl ferried it home. A "Super 18", high cabin top had been added along the way somewhere. When he finished repairs on the aircraft at Bridgewater, Karl installed a G-18 type cockpit which greatly improves visibility.

Photo ID: 1011274
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Notes: Not a good time to ask a Twin Beech pilot what he's doing for supper tonight. He's real serious, right here.
Photographer: Stoltzfus, Ken

Photo ID: 1011275
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Notes: This aircraft had the 500-HP, non-reversing PT6A-6 engines when it was originally converted, but the 550-HP, PT6A-20 engines were installed later.
Photographer: Stoltzfus, Ken

Photo ID: 1011276
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Notes: Sitting pretty in the noon sun.
Photographer: Stoltzfus, Ken

Photo ID: 1011277
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Notes: One of the few aircraft whose back side makes a decent shot.
Photographer: Stoltzfus, Ken

Photo ID: 1011278
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Notes: The popular, Hamilton cargo door.
Photographer: Stoltzfus, Ken

Photo ID: 1011279
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Notes: Not your typical Beech 18 panel. All of Karl's Beech's have also been upgraded with King Air annunciator panels and fuel system components.
Photographer: Stoltzfus, Ken

Photo ID: 1011280
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Notes: The light bar that is used on K&K aircraft. Its GPS based, Left and Right indications help the pilots fly precise lines in their dispersal activities.
Photographer: Stoltzfus, Ken

Photo ID: 1011281
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Notes: Out with the old and in with the new. Karl is gradually replacing his BE-18T's with King Air's in order to standardize his fleet. He has a whole bunch of the Army U-21's, which are a non-pressurized King Air with a cargo door.
Photographer: Stoltzfus, Ken

Photo ID: 1011282
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Notes: Sun is setting on the commercial BE-18 fleet. These are an excellent skydiver aircraft, and who knows, they might even be running freight somewhere again when Karl lets them go. Oh, if you have a really nice T-6G to trade, you might want to get in touch with Karl.
Photographer: Stoltzfus, Ken

Photo ID: 1011283
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Notes: Pretty, even at night. N38L wanted me to tell you that she expects to see a lot more sunrises.
Photographer: Stoltzfus, Ken
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