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Photo ID: 1011301
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Model: BE-18T, E-18S Registration: N5653D
Year: 1958 Serial Number: BA-385
Engine(s): PT6A-20, 550-HP Owner: K&K Aircraft
Bridgewater, VA
Location: Los Alamitos, CA Photographer: Stoltzfus, Ken
Date: 2003, October Present Registration: Same Present Owner (FAA info):
Notes: 11/22/03 - 1958, E-18S, s/n BA-385, always N5653D

Unofficial History:
Nov-58, original Certificate of Airworthiness, Standard; Nov-58, "Model E18S Beechcraft Super 18", from Beech to dealer, Atlantic Aviation Corporation, South Hackensack, NJ; Nov-58, to Dorado Beach Hotel and Golf Club, New York, NY, application for registration signed by Lawrence S. Rockerfeller, owner; Nov-61, to Dorado Beach Hotel Corporation, Dorado, Puerto Rico; May-64, to Penn Aire Aviation, Franklin, PA; Dec-65 to Continental Aircraft Sales, Medford, NJ; Dec-65 to Thunderbird Airways, Inc., Medford, NJ; Feb-66, FAA issued "Aircraft Operating Limitations With Door Removed", for "Emergency delivery of food following blizzard."; Apr-66 to Longhorn Airways, Inc., Medford, NJ; June-66 to American Turbine Aircraft Corp., Long Beach, CA; Sept-66, American Turbine installed: PT6A-20 engines, Volpar tricycle gear, picture windows, airconditioner and much more; Mar-67 to Jack Adams Aircraft Sales, Inc., Walls, MS, as Beech E-18-S Westwind; Apr-67, to American Turbine Aircraft Corp., Long Beach, CA; Aug-67 to Ambassador Airlines, Inc., Las Vegas NV; July-68, to Carco Air Service of Nevada, Inc., Las Vegas, NV; Mar-69, Beech cargo door installed; Aug-69, Major damage in accident at Bettles Airport, Bettles, Alaska, following a hard landing and gear collapse. The FAA report says, "Demonstrating short field landing, reversed props prematurely, runway short, soft, copilot training." (Oops!) Repairs by Field Aviation Company Limited, Calgary, AB, Canada; Dec-69 to Nevada National Bank, Las Vegas, NV; Feb-72, Beech cargo door removed, Hamilton cargo door installed; Mar-72 to Hamilton Aircraft Company, Inc., Tucson, AZ; Mar-72, Volpar gear removed, returned to conventional gear, 11,230# gross weight kit installed, crew door installed; long nose installed; Mar-72 to Sedalia-Marshall-Boonville Stageline, Inc., Des Moines, IA; Apr-72, Aircraft total time 3579 hours; Sep-85 to Jarex Corporation, Columbus, IN; Nov-85 to Jet Way Enterprises, Inc., Ypsilanti, MI; June-87 to Ajax Aircraft Leasing, Inc., Dover, DE. Leased to Active Aero Charter, Inc., Belleville, MI; Mar-91 to K&K Aircraft, Inc., Bridgewater, VA.

Photo ID: 1011302
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Notes: Waiting patiently for more daylight, and then we'll get on with our day.
Photographer: Stoltzfus, Ken

Photo ID: 1011303
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Notes: A classic Beech 18 type paint job here, but its showing its years.
Photographer: Stoltzfus, Ken

Photo ID: 1011304
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Notes: I wanted to hang around for some air-to-air shots, but the big forest fires were raging and the ash-filled air eliminated the possibility of that for the next few days. I came home early! (I was up at Chino, not far away, and ash was falling on me like light snow.)
Photographer: Stoltzfus, Ken
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