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Photo ID: 1017015
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Model: B-17G-95-DL Flying Fortress Registration: N207EV
Year: 1944 Serial Number: 44-83785, c/n 32426
Engine(s): Wright R1820-97, 1200-HP Owner: Evergreen Vintage Aircraft
McMinnville, OR
Location: Several Photographer: From Chuck Ott collection
Date: 1983 and later Present Registration: Same Present Owner (FAA info):
Notes: 2/27/04 - Chuck Ott, an air tanker pilot from out west sent me these photos, along with those of Curtis C-46F N800FA and Lockheed Lodestar N56LH.

We'll start with what Joe Baugher says about this aircraft: "83785 converted to TB-17G and then SB-17G and then back to TB-17G. Sold on commercial market and operated by CIA front Intermountain Aviation as N809Z. Used to drop and retrieve two American men and equipment from drifting abandoned Soviet ice station. Appeared in movie *Thunderball* with Fulton skyhook system installed. Registered to Evergreen Vintage Aircraft of Oregon as N207EV in 1999. Now on inside display at the Air Venture Museum in McMinnville, OR," Another source adds, "The record suggests that the true identity of this aircraft is the Lockheed-built 44-85531, but the identity was switched in the early 1960s by the CIA in an effort to 'sanitize' their fleet."

That's an interesting history! My old FAA registration data shows it registered to Intermountain in 1967, and to Evergreen Helicopters in 1976, both as N809Z. By 1983 it was N207EV, of Evergreen. It is now in the name of Evergreen Vintage Aircraft, who also has Howard Hughes' Spruce Goose on display. You can learn more about the museum and educational center at here.

The TB-17G was a crew trainer conversion of the B-17G. The SB-17G was a Search and Rescue aircraft, and 168 B-17Gs were modified in that way.

The above photo was taken in Marana, AZ, after N207EV was restored.

Photo ID: 1017015
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Notes: This photo was taken over Marana Airpark, AZ during an airshow in 1983, and in formation with B-17 Sentimental Journey. Chuck was in the tail gunner position. The shutter speed stopped the props!
Photographer: From Chuck Ott collection

Photo ID: 1017016
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Notes: N207EV, air tanker T-22 after a practice drop in Alamogordo, NM in 1983. Chuck flew co-pilot on this aircraft in 1982-83 in fire-fighting operations.

Assuming it is in fact s/n 44-83785, this is a Douglas built, Boeing B-17G and was assembled in their Long Beach, CA plant. My thanks to Chuck for these excellent shots.
Photographer: From Chuck Ott collection
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