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Photo ID: 1041006
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Model: Bü-133C Jungmeister Registration: NX15696
Year: 1936 Serial Number: 42
Engine(s): Warner Scarab radial Owner: Beverly "Bevo" Howard
Location: Cleveland, OH Photographer: From the collection of Karl and Ken Stoltzfus
Date: 1946-47 Present Registration: Present Owner (FAA info): Smithsonian, National Air and Space Museum
Notes: 7/3/04 - My father attended the 1946 or '47 Cleveland Air Races and brought home this photo of Beverly "Bevo" Howard's, Bücker Bü-133C Jungmeister. Howard won both the 1946 and '47 Aerobatic Championships with NX15696.

The Jungmeister was a single seat version of the two-seat Jungmann, a trainer designed by Swedish designer Anders J. Andersson for German aircraft manufacturer Carl Clemens Bücker in 1933. NX15696 originally had a Siemans radial, but had been converted to a Warner Scarab radial.

This aircraft was purchased in 1936 by acrobatic pilot Alex Papana and shipped to the United States on the airship Hindenburg. It was rebuilt and donated to the Smithsonian following Howards' fatal crash in October, 1971. This information and many other details on this Jungmeiser may be found here

The FAA accident report gives some details that you won't find in most articles. It says, "OBS SAW ACFT MAKE R INVERTED TURN AFTER LOW PASS. THEN SNAP UPRIGHT IN L TURN. HIT TREE. NO FUEL ABD." It would appear that Howard ran out of fuel while low and inverted. He most likely got distracted for a moment and hit a tree while trying to deal with the situation. It is a sober warning to those of us who are so much less than this legendary aviator!

The present Bucker, N15696 that is on the U.S. register should not be confused with this aircraft. They are two different Jungmeisters. In the Smithsonian's record of aircraft they do not show a registration number for the NX15696 pictured here.

Photo ID: 1041007
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Notes: My father, the late Chris D. Stoltzfus of Coatesville, PA, with the Jungmeister. Wow, he was all decked out there in his double breasted suit, tie and more - - at an air show! I learned a lot from Father but somehow that trait didn't get passed on to me or to my sons.

There are several interesting web sites on Howard, and the Jungmeister in general.
A nice site on Bevo Howard himself.
A list of all existing Jungmeisters
A photo of Bevo with NX15696
Photographer: From the collection of Karl and Ken Stoltzfus
Bü-133C Jungmeister

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