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Photo ID: 1017004
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Model: 195B Businessliner Registration: N2171C
Year: 1954 Serial Number: 16156
Engine(s): Jacobs R755-B2, 275-HP Owner: Stancil Enterprises
Placerville, CA
Location: Placerville, CA Photographer: Stancil Enterprises, photos used by permission of Joe Stancil
Date: 2003-04 Present Registration: Same Present Owner (FAA info):
Notes: 2-18-04 - Only a few airplanes really make my heart thump and this is one of them. Sorry if I get carried away with photos, but I can hardly get enough of it. It just happens that burgundy/ maroon is my favorite color - - and then when you put that on a Cessna 195 I just lose it. At this date, this beauty is for sale by Stancil Enterprises.

Cessna 195's can be a practical airplane, not just a show-piece. I bet you would find the average total time to be higher than many contemporaries. N2171C has 6975-hours! I don't know where it started out, but in 1967-68 it was in North Abington, MA. I suspect that it has been the source of joy and challenge for several owners over the years.

This aircraft has some nice features including a locking tailwheel, shoulder harness, dual oil coolers, extended baggage compartment and more. The asking price is a mere $125,000.

Photo ID: 1017005
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Notes: Few 195's are unscathed and this bird is no exception. In 1975 she experienced an event which the FAA described as a "Ground-water loop-swerve", followed by a collapsed gear in Denver. Apparently a 700-hr. CFI with 9-hours in type was giving a checkout. That's, ahhh - - well - - - !

In 1993 the aircraft "exited the runway and subsequently struck a tree during the landing roll." The aircraft was rebuilt, including all new wing skins. If you buy a 195 you will most likely buy (known or unknown) damage history. A properly rebuilt aircraft like N2171C apparently is, is hardly compromised by such a record.
Photographer: Stancil Enterprises

Photo ID: 1017006
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Notes: Don't forget that this aircraft was built long before the modern panel layouts which we now take for granted. The original instrument layout has been preserved, and it would give many modern pilots a bit of a workout in serious IFR. This aircraft is nicely equipped with a King KLX-135A GPS in addition to the normal stuff.
Photographer: Stancil Enterprises

Photo ID: 1017007
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Notes: This is a five-place airplane with three in the wide, back seat. Check out those "deluxe supple leather seats" and the wool side panels and headliner!

According to Stancil, you'll book along at 136-knots at 75% power, and she stalls at 54-knots. Your 80-gallons of gas will take you about 590-miles. Empty weight is 2050# and gross 3350#.
Photographer: Stancil Enterprises

Photo ID: 1017008
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Notes: Your round Cessna tail typical of that era, like the 170's and L-19's. Hopefully you will see a fair amount of rudder action on takeoff and landing! If not you might see another kind of action - - probably to the right. If you ride horseback and prefer the old mare to the spirited stallion, you probably don't want a Cessna 195. On the other hand, if you like the stallion - - - !!
Photographer: Stancil Enterprises

Photo ID: 1017009
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Notes: "Businessliner!"

N2171C has the 275-HP, Jacobs R755-B2, 7-cylinder radial engine, which is in my mind the most practical of that series. You take the basic, lower-cost 245-HP, R755-9 as used in the Bamboo Bomber, put in the 300-HP pistons and a few other things, and you have 275-HP. The 300-HP, R755-A2 has its own peculiar crankshaft, crankcase and other parts which are less available and certainly more pricey. As I note in the photos of Roger Currier's 195 floatplanes, he doesn't really see a difference in performance between the B2 and A2.
Photographer: Stancil Enterprises

Photo ID: 1017010
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Notes: If this doesn't speed up your ticker a bit, see your doctor!

This is an original paint scheme and it has the original, aluminum wheel pants. Let me know if you buy it and base it in NE Ohio and need someone to keep it limbered up for you!
Photographer: Stancil Enterprises
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