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Photo ID: 1011209
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Model: 195 Businessliner Registration: N3488V
Year: 1948 Serial Number: 7192
Engine(s): Jacobs R755, 275 or 300-HP Owner: Roger Currier
Greenville Jct., Maine
Location: Moosehead Lake
Greenville, Maine
Photographer: Stoltzfus, Ken
Date: 2003, September Present Registration: Same Present Owner (FAA info):
Notes: 10/17/03 - "The 195's are coming - - the 195's are coming - - grab your camera, the 195's are coming!" Two 195's on Edo 3450's salute the crowd at the 2003 International Seaplane Fly-In at Moosehead Lake, Greenville, Maine.

The two seaplanes that I have most passionately wanted to photograph are the Cessna 195 and Beech 18. I'm halfway there and hope to get the rest next summer! Roger Currier, of Currier's Flying Service has three 195's - - two on floats and one on wheels and skis.

N3488V started her career in 1948, working for Texaco Oil as a seaplane in Louisiana. From there it went to Canada and was used commercially for some years. Most of Currier's flying is now high-quality scenic tours, so '88 Victor isn't used for hard freight as much as it once was.

Roger overhauls his own engines, the 275-HP, 7-cylinder Jacobs R755-B2 radial, and the 300-HP, R755-A2. He says that both engines put out about the same power so he uses whichever one is ready when he needs it. He uses the long, 2B20-6135A-9 prop as installed on big Stinsons, rather than the shorter -15 blades that the '195 on wheels typically has.

Currier has a lot of affection for the 195, but he'll also be candid with you about it. He doesn't mind telling you that it might use up a mile of lake getting off when it's fully loaded. That ole' Jake just sits out there and keeps cranking until the Cessna has enough momentum to break free from the water, and then they'll cruise together at about 120-MPH.

Photo ID: 1011210
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Notes: Looking pretty, and waiting patiently for folks who want a ride over the spectacular, Moosehead Lake region.
Photographer: Stoltzfus, Ken

Photo ID: 1011211
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Notes: Passengers aboard, and now a little help to get the '195 pointed out into the channel before firing up.
Photographer: Stoltzfus, Ken

Photo ID: 1011212
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Notes: If a radial engine doesn't give you a little blue puff on start-up, it probably means that it doesn't have any oil in it!
Photographer: Stoltzfus, Ken

Photo ID: 1011213
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Notes: '88-Victor taxies past a co-worker, Beaver N91549
Photographer: Stoltzfus, Ken

Photo ID: 1011214
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Notes: Approaching the lake. The 195 has a notoriously ineffective 6" flap mounted under the wing, not at the trailing edge. I'm not sure, but I don't think that Currier used them at all.
Photographer: Stoltzfus, Ken

Photo ID: 1011215
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Notes: "We'll just hold her here a bit until we get closer to shore."
Photographer: Stoltzfus, Ken

Photo ID: 1011216
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Notes: Moving more carefully now, to the dock.
Photographer: Stoltzfus, Ken

Photo ID: 1011217
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Notes: There are all kinds of things to do in Greenville Junction!
Photographer: Stoltzfus, Ken
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