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Photo ID: 1017011
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Model: 195A Businessliner Registration: N9331A
Year: 1949 Serial Number: 7410
Engine(s): Jacobs R755-B2, 275-HP Owner: Tom Valenzia
Escondido, CA
Location: Unknown Photographer: Tom Valenzia photos, used by permission
Date: 2003 Present Registration: Same Present Owner (FAA info):
Notes: 2/24/04 - I'd be proud to own this airplane! She's got 4123-TTAF and 313-SOH on the 275-HP Jake.

She was completely rewired, which isn't a bad idea for a 55-year old aircraft. A number of mods have been accomplished, and significant maintenance items like all new control bearings and etc. have been done. There's a 337 on a 1955 groundloop accident, but you would be surprised if there wasn't something like that. It's my guess that this pretty bird is ready to finish out a century of flying.

Photo ID: 1017012
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Notes: This is one clean looking panel! All of the instruments have been overhauled and refaced and she has a one-piece windshield.

Owner Tom Valenzia would be happy to let you make this your very own 195A for $119,900, and there's an "asking" in front of that. You can email him here.
Photographer: Tom Valenzia

Photo ID: 1017013
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Notes: N9331A in formation with N9PC, a 1949, 195, s/n 7437 (presently registered to Julie Meloche). N9PC was originally N9358A.

Did you notice that s/n 7410 is a 195A, and the later s/n 7437 (N9PC) is a 195? Sort of odd, isn't it? We would normally expect a 195A to be a later aircraft than a straight 195. Here's the skinny. Cessna identified this series by engine model, as follows:
Cessna 190, Continental W670-23, 240-HP
Cessna 195, Jacobs R755-A2, 300-HP (Also Army LC-126 series)
Cessna 195A, Jacobs R755-9, 245-HP
Cessna 195B, Jacobs R755-B2, 275-HP

Now, two things. First, if you look at the 195 fleet by serial number, you will see that the models are all intertwined. Cessna would build a 190, and then a 195B followed by a 195, etc. Secondly, FAA Spec A-790 makes it clear that the aircraft are identical except for firewall forward, and the engines can be interchanged. N9331A was built as a 195A, but now has the 275-HP, R755-B2. Most aircraft after mid-1953 were 195B's.
Photographer: Tom Valenzia
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