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Photo ID: 1011020
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Model: Chase YC-122C Registration: N122R
Year: 1949 Serial Number: 49-2882
Engines: Wright R2600-20 Owner: Chris D. Stoltzfus
Location: Stoltzfus Private Airport, Coatesville, PA Photographer: Stoltzfus, Ken
Date: 1958 Present Registration: Destroyed Present Owner (FAA info):
Notes: 06-31-03 - The second Chase, N122R. Note the spray booms under the wings and the "splates" (spill plates) on the wing tips. This was something that numerous people tried in that era in an attempt to increase lift by keeping the air from spilling off of the end of the wing.

Photo ID: 1011022
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Notes: 06-31-03 - N122R. One could drive a full-sized vehicle inside! Here is my father in our 1956 Ford "Crestline V8" station wagon. After we sold it, one of the Chases was used in South America to smuggle cars into a country. They carried two at a time. The aircraft had a very complex fuel system, and the pilots mismanaged the fuel one day and landed the aircraft on a beach. The tide came in and - - well, so much for that operation!
Photographer: Ken Stoltzfus

Photo ID: 1011024
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Notes: 06-31-03 - Bill Hunt with one of the Chases. Bill had just gotten out of the Navy where he instructed in T-6's, and he gave my twin brother Karl and me our T-6 dual in 1959-60 in preparation for our Private tickets. He was one of those guys who could strap on any airplane and go fly. He was good. Bill went on to fly for Mohawk and then USAir and retired in 1988 or so. I had the distinct privilege of giving him a refresher in the DC-3 in 1989, but he was tragically killed later that year when he flew through high tension wires with a DC-3 while spraying. (See "Wires!")
Photographer: Ken Stoltzfus

Photo ID: 1011026
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Notes: 06-31-03 - The Chases got off well with those big R2600's! It is about mid-way on the 2800' strip at this point!
Photographer: Ken Stoltzfus
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