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Photo ID: 1011055
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Model: L-20A Beaver Registration: 41719
Year: 1956 Serial Number: 54-1719
Engine: P&W R985 450-HP Owner: U.S. Army
Location: Stoltzfus Private AirportCoatesville, PA Photographer: Stoltzfus, Ken
Date: 1958 Present Registration: Present Owner (FAA info):
Notes: 10/22/03 - Two Army pilots stopped by in this Beaver one day in 1958, and walked to a nearby restaurant for something to eat. U.S. Army serial number is 54-1719, and factory construction number is 866.

The DeHavilland Beavers are variously identified as an L-20A, U-6, U-6A, Mk.1, Mk.2 or Mk.3, and the civilian DHC-2. The L identifies its use as a Liaison aircraft, and the U stands for Utility. In 1962 the Army redesignated their L-20As as the U-6A.

Many are used on floats, and conversion to turbine engines is popular. I have seen a fleet of Beavers in Nairobi, Kenya, which are used for spraying locusts in East Africa. At least one of theirs is PT6A powered.

The Beaver has a nine-cylinder, 450-hp, P&W R985 engine with a Hamilton Standard 2D30 counterweighted, constant speed prop. It is the same 6101 blade as used on the BT-13 and AT-6, except the prop is 10-12" shorter. Some have been converted to the 22D30 Hydromatic hub as used on Twin Beechs, and still others to the 3-bladed Hartzell as used on Beechs.

An excellent web site on Beavers, with lots of photos is In fact, you can see two B&W photos of this very aircraft, taken in 1956, on their site at

Note Grumman FM-2 Wildcat, N19K in the background.
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