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Photo ID: 1017000
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Model: DeHavilland DHC-2 Beaver Registration: C-GCWS
Year: 1961 Serial Number: 1459
Engine: P&W R985, 450-HP Owner: Day Group
Copper Cliffe, ON, Canada
Location: Ontario, Canada Photographer:
Date: 2003, July Present Registration: Present Owner (FAA info):
Notes: 8/23/03 - A tranquil Beaver on Edo 4580 straight floats, waiting for a new owner.

It's represented to be a real nice airplane. At just under 10,000 hours total time, it's considered "low time" since it's not unusual for a Beaver to have 20,000 hours or more. The engine is only 103-hours since overhaul. She's got Sea Flight cargo hatches, a canoe rack, and a Kenmore split bench rear seat. Aircraft has been privately owned and the airframe was overhauled in 1996 when floats were installed. All it takes is $275,000 and it's yours.

Call Reg Audet at 705-966-3464 or email

Photo ID: 1017001
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Notes: Beavers look like a workhorse, don't they? They're not exactly speedsters, but they're tough and they'll carry a good load for you. And after that '985 puffs a little blue smoke on start-up she'll work all day without complaining.

Photo ID: 1017002
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Notes: This is your fairly basic aircraft here, but what else do you need for that kind of flying? It has a late type DG, but the old AN type artificial horizon. Note the throttle, prop and mixture controls in the center there.

Photo ID: 1017003
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Notes: This is for those who get all confused by lots of knobs and switches. The tray there is for a GPS and there's certainly a Nav/Com somewhere, but that's about it!
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