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Photo ID: 1041002
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Model: D.H. 89A Dragon-Rapide Registration: G-AHWF
Year: 1940's Serial Number: 6965
Engines: D.H. Gipsy-Six Owner:
Location: Iran Photographer: Lantz, Gerald (Jerry)
Date: Early 1950's Present Registration: Present Owner (FAA info):
Notes: 7/25/03 - This DeHavilland D.H.89A Dragon-Rapide was seen in Iran in the early 1950's. The photo is probably by Jerry Lantz, a pilot who was on contract to spray Locusts there using a 450-Stearman my father sold to the USDA.

I saw a Dragon-Rapide hopping passengers in England in the summer of 2002 and I believe I've seen one at Oskhosh. They are powered by two, 200-hp, D.H. Gipsy-Six, inverted in-line, six-cylinder engines. It drives fixed-pitch props and I'd guess it's quite a challenge on one engine at a gross weight of around 5500-lb!

Info at indicates that G-AHWF was subsequently on the Iranian registry as EP-AAW, and possibly it was identified as TX307(G) somewhere at one time.

The Iranian registry calls it a DeHavilland 89A Dominie II, but my 1945 Jane's says that the Dominie was a D.H.89B. It says, "The D.H.89A - - is largely used in the R.A.F. for communications and light service transport work, but a variation known as the D.H. 89B or Dominie has been produced for the R.A.F. as a wireless and navigational trainer, with accommodation for four or five pupils and an instructor.

"This photo is part of the Chris D. Stoltzfus Family Collection and belongs to Karl and Ken Stoltzfus
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