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Kaiser-Fraiser C-119 Aircraft
Photo ID: 1011588
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Model: Fairchild C-119G, C-119L Flying Boxcar Registration: N9027K
Year: 1952 Serial Number: USAF 53-8073, c/n 176
Engine(s): Wright R3350-89B, 18-Cyl, Twin Row Radial, 3500-Hp. Owner: Brooks Fuel, Fairbanks, AK
Location: PANC, Anchorage International, Anchorage, AK Photographer: Ken Stoltzfus
Date: July 2004 Present Registration: Same Present Owner (FAA info): Same
Notes: 12/29/04 - Remember the Kaiser-Fraiser cars? Probably most of you don't, but this is a Kaiser-Fraiser, C-119! Fairchild had KF build 88 C-119G's, USAF s/n 53-8069 thru 53-8156, KF c/n 172 to 259.

N9027K was built as a C-119G and later converted to the L. (See N8504Z for more info on that.) It was given USAF s/n 53-8073, tail number 38073, c/n 176, and is certificated as a C-119L under FAA TC Data Sheet A5NW.
Fairchild C-119G, C-119L N9027K Photos, Brooks Fuel
Photo ID: 1011589
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Notes: Sold government surplus in 1978 for $12,300, '27-Kilo has passed through the hands of several owners. They were a wonderful military aircraft but It's not a simple thing to operate an airplane like this today in the civilian arena.
Photographer: Ken Stoltzfus
Fairchild C-119, USAF 53-8073, tail number 38073
Photo ID: 1011590
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Notes: The FAA allows special rules in Alaska because of the operational situation. Here's an example of something that we couldn't get by with down here.

In June 1979 the FAA issued Operations Limitations in Restricted Category for N9027K, saying "Starbird, Inc. is authorized to transport fish and fishing industry-related cargo in a C-119L aircraft which has a Type Certificate in a Restricted Category. TC Data Sheet A5NW". The C-119 operation was justified as follows: "After a review of all available information including data submitted by Starbird, Inc., it is hereby found that: 1). In the particular areas of operation authorized hereunder, there are no standard aircraft reasonably available to carry the particular cargo of Starbird's fishing operation; and 2). The carriage of cargo authorized herein is incidental to the applicant's business which is fishing and initial fish processing and not primarily air transport."
Photographer: Ken Stoltzfus
Fairchild C119 Flying Boxcar photos, N9027K
Photo ID: 1011591
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Notes: One only hopes that 53-8073 is not at the end of the road. I doubt if it has been operated for a number of years but there is always that "maybe", for the future. Brooks Fuel is a long-standing operator of large aircraft and if anyone can make it happen, they probably can.
Photographer: Ken Stoltzfus
History from FAA files: 10/78 Letter from Insured Aircraft Title Service to FAA requesting N-numbers for four C-119's purchased by Starbird, Inc., Seattle, WA. N9027K was assigned to 53-8073 (Others were C-119, 53-3206, 53-8127, 53-8154); 11/78 Bill of Sale from USA, Sales Contracting Officer, DPDR, Ogden, UT for C-119L, Serial 53-8073, Fairchild Hiller Corp. (Flying Boxcar), Model: M110, Mfg. Data Plate Shows C-119G, Serial 176, to Starbird, Inc., Seattle, WA for $12,300.

1/79 90-Day Experimental Aircraft Operating Limitations issued for crew training within 250-miles of Tucson International Airport. Application shows 6672-TTAF; 6/79 Statement of Conformity shows R3350-89B engines, 43H60-605 props; Application for Special Airworthiness Certificate, Restricted Category for Fish and Fishing Industry Related Cargo, shows 6699-TTAF.

6/81 Special Airworthiness Certificate, Restricted Category, for Private Carriage of Cargo; 4/82, Same; 8/84, Repossessed by Alaska Commercial Fishing and Agriculture Bank and registered to them 2/85; 12/85 To Northern Pacific Transport, Anchorage; 6/86 Leased to International Seafoods of Alaska; 8/86 Leased to Arndt Brothers, Inc.; 4/87 to Alaska Aircraft Leasing, Anchorage; 7/87 Special Airworthiness Certificate for Private Carriage of Cargo; 8/92 Repossessed by First National Bank of Anchorage. Registered to bank. Did private sale to Anchorage Flight, Anchorage for $8,500; 8/93 To Classic Air Transport, Ridgewood, NJ; 9/96 to Brooks Fuel, Fairbanks, AK.
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