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Photo ID: 1015050
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Model: Fairchild 24-C8C Registration: NC14792
Year: 1938? Serial Number: 2664
Engine(s): Warner Super Scarab, 145-HP, 7-cylinder radial Owner: Fairchild Aircraft
Hagerstown, MD
Location: Unknown, very likely the Hagerstown, MD area Photographer: Fairchild Aircraft, from the collection of Ken Stoltzfus
Date: February 1938 Present Registration: None Present Owner (FAA info):
Notes: 9/14/04 - The Fairchild 24-C8C is covered in FAA Aircraft Spec A-535. It is powered by a 7-cylinder radial, 145-HP Warner Super Scarab engine. Gross weight was #2150 up to s/n 2660, and #2400 for 2661 and up.

NC14792 has a wood prop but the Hamilton Standard ground adjustable or Curtiss Reed fixed pitch aluminum were also options. Item 102 in the specs lists "Wheel streamlines", which are obvious in the photo. The aircraft could be three place, or two-place configuration with a baggage compartment. Some had flaps, others did not.

The back of the photo is stamped FAIRCHILD AIRCRAFT, HAGERSTOWN, MD. Significant changes were made to the 24 C8C just before this serial number and this was likely a factory photo showing the new model. You could put it on Edo L-2260 or 44-2425 floats.

This 8x10 photo must have been stored with something lying across part of it, allowing the rest to turn darker. Still, it is a sweet photo and one I felt deserved to be posted!
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