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Photo ID: 1015051
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Model: Fairchild 24R-40 Registration: NC28539
Year: 1940 Serial Number: R40-418
Engine(s): Ranger 6-410-B3, 175-HP, 6-cyl, inverted inline Owner: Alaska Dept. of Fish & Game
Location: Lake Wilson, near Ketchikan, AK Photographer: From the collection of Ken Stoltzfus
Date: 1941-42 Present Registration: Same Present Owner (FAA info): Paul D. Philo, Trustee, Custar, OH
Notes: 9/15/04 - Fairchild 24 NC28539 was operated by the Alaska Dept. of Fish & Game for some years. This photo was taken on Lake Wilson, near Ketchikan in 1941-42. I'll bet it was a fun floatplane!

The Fairchild 24R-40 (model 24, "R" for Ranger powered, "40" for the year) was most likely on Edo 45-2880 floats. It could also be operated on several models of skis including Federal A-3500's. It appears to have a wood prop.

Most aircraft of this type were purchased by the U.S. military for the WW-II effort. The U.S. Army purchased over 650 Fairchild 24's as the UC-61 Forwarder.

As far back as 1968, this aircraft was owned by Paul David Philo, of Palmer, AK, so it has been in the family for a long time. It is now in Ohio, and I hope to run across it sometime. If so, I'll add some photos!
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