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Photo ID: 1031004
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Model: F5 Sea Bird Registration: NC19191
Year: 1937 Serial Number: F502
Engine: Jacobs L-5 or R755A2 Owner:
Location: Photographer: Submitted by SPA
Date: Present Registration: Destroyed Present Owner (FAA info):
Notes: A very unique aircraft indeed! The 1938 Jane's describes its construction as "shot-welded stainless steel". It must have been a beauty to behold!

The Sea Bird flying boat was four-place and cruised at 135-mph. It was built with a Jacobs L-5, 285-hp, seven-cylinder radial engine of 831 cubic inches. The L-5 was not used in many aircraft and I understand that this Sea Bird had been converted to the 300-hp Jake, probably the R755-A2. Jane's shows it with a fixed pitch, aluminum, Curtiss Reed prop, but NC19191 obviously has the Hamilton Standard 2B20 counterweighted, constant speed. That should have made quite a difference in performance.

The Seaplane Pilot's Association has graciously granted permission for the non-commercial publication of this photograph on www.flyinghigher.net only. They remark: "Five production aircraft were built in addition to at least one prototype. This airplane was destroyed in a hangar fire a few months after this photo was taken. The only remaining flying example is a prototype."

See Seaplane Pilot's Association for more on SPA and their beautiful "Water Flying" magazine. You would enjoy the photos and articles, and you might learn about a seaplane fly-in near you!
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