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Photo ID: 1011187
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Model: G-44 Widgeon Registration: N25DF
Year: 1943 Serial Number: 1306
Engine(s): Two Lycoming GO-480-G1D6, 295-HP Owner: Bob Hough,
Derry, NH
Location: Moosehead Lake,
Greenville, Maine
Photographer: Stoltzfus, Ken
Date: 2003, September Present Registration: Same Present Owner (FAA info):
Notes: 10/11/03 - A nice Grumman G-44 Widgeon with McKinnon mods. Bob's dad bought it in 1978 and converted it from GO-435's to the GO-480-G1D6's. It has three-bladed, feathering props. The only other aircraft I know of which uses that exact engine is the Helio Courier.

Widgeon s/n 1306 began life as a Navy or Marine J4F-2, Bureau No. 32952 with 200-HP Rangers and fixed pitch wood, or aluminum Curtiss Reed props. It went through a series of civilian registrations including N66273, N273L, N278L, CF-KKF and CF-QPL before becoming N25DP. I would guess she's been the source of joy for a lot of folks!

I took my multi-engine seaplane check-ride in a Widgeon (N40011) on June 24, 1964. My instructor was Ray Hylan, truly an "old-salt" from Rochester, NY (Commercial License #5086!). My FAA examiner was Gomer Games, who had about 20-years earlier, certificated my father's first sprayer, an N3N.

Games wasn't real sure about flying with this junior seaplane pilot, so he said he'd sit in the back and let Hylan up front with me. Hylan protested, insisting that I could handle the aircraft fine. Besides, all the seats were out for new upholstery. Games prevailed and Hylan got a peach crate and put it in the cabin for him and away we went - - sans seatbelt. (That was the old days!)

Does anyone know what happened to Widgeon N40011, s/n 1368? It is no longer on the U.S. register. I see from the FAA accident reports that it was damaged at Chibougamau, QB, Canada, 6/30/70. Engine problems were encountered soon after takeoff at 1000# over gross. The pilot had 35,000 hours total with 4,000 in type. Aaaah - - "Mr. Hylan, I remember the story of your having an engine problem on a remote lake, removing the prop and flying it out on one, but - - !!"

Photo ID: 1011188
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Notes: Isn't she pretty!
Photographer: Stoltzfus, Ken

Photo ID: 1011189
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Notes: When do you stop taking photos of an airplane like this? Well, not yet!
Photographer: Stoltzfus, Ken

Photo ID: 1011190
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Notes: This is the original type cabin entrance door. It's a bit tighter than those on N78X and N3N which follow.

Those augmenters give Delta-Fox a distinct sound. It's pretty loud and depending on one's mind-set, probably music to the ears - - or quite aggravating! I like music.
Photographer: Stoltzfus, Ken

Photo ID: 1011191
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Notes: Wing floats in the "up" position. I wonder how many guys have landed in the water with them up.
Photographer: Stoltzfus, Ken

Photo ID: 1011192
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Notes: The gear pulls up into the well there. N40011 (which I flew in 1964) had a cover in the cabin with a Dzus fastener and a little plexiglass window, so you could confirm that the gear was in the desired position for landing. Well, someone had messed with the Dzus, and when I pushed the power up on my first water take-off, water rushed into the wheel well, popping the cover open and drenching Mr. Games and his peach crate. It was Monday morning and he was in his suit and tie, all ready for his day. I chopped the power, settled back into Canandaigua Lake, and fastened the Dzus. Ray Hylan laughed like mad but I didn't think it was a bit funny. We went back to the airport and Mr. Games signed me off. He was a good sport.
Photographer: Stoltzfus, Ken

Photo ID: 1011193
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Notes: Note the single strut on the wing float, as compared to the two struts and wires on the other Widgeons on this site.
Photographer: Stoltzfus, Ken

Photo ID: 1011194
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Notes: This is one of the best definitions of "fun" that I can think of! An interesting site on Widgeons - click here
Photographer: Stoltzfus, Ken
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