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Howard DGA-9 aircraft
Photo ID: 1011663
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Model: Howard DGA-9, DGA-11 Registration: NC18207
Year: 1938 Serial Number: 206
Engine(s): P&W R-985, 450-HP, 9-Cyl. Radial Owner: J. R. Younkin, Springdale, AR
Location: Oshkosh '05 Photographer: Ken Stoltzfus
Date: July 2005 Present Registration: Same Present Owner (FAA info): Same
Notes: 9/8/05 - I am biased toward the Howard DGA series and NC18207 didn't help my objectivity any. This is obviously a late-evening shot, which is when I have my best chance of getting an airshow photo without signs and feet.

This outstanding aircraft was built in 1938 as a DGA-9, with a 7-cylinder, 285-HP, Jacobs L5 engine and a Curtiss Reed fixed pitch aluminum propeller. In 1946 it was converted to DGA-11 configuration with the 450-HP, P&W R985 and constant speed prop.

Per Joseph Juptner, max speed for the DGA-9 is 175 at sea level, cruise 166 at 75%, and rate of climb 1000-FPM at sea level. The DGA-11 is max speed 196 at sea level, cruise 203 at 65% and rate of climb 2200-FPM! Its obvious why someone made the change!

See notes below the photos for historical details from the FAA files.
Howard DGA-11 aircraft
Photo ID: 1011664
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No need for a nose-job on this lineup! Note the somewhat more rounded engine cowl on the DGA-11 as compared to the DGA-15P.
Photographer: Ken Stoltzfus
Howard DGA-9, DGA-11, NC18207, N18207
Photo ID: 1011665
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"I'm pretty and I know it."

This Howard has borne its original N-number its whole life. And no, I didn't scrunch the photo. That's just the way a Howard tail is!
Photographer: Ken Stoltzfus
Ben O. Howard, Howard DGA aircraft
Photo ID: 1011666
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Classic Howard. The metalized forward and fabric aft fuselage, window lines and more. A Howard DGA is a Howard DGA is a Howard DGA regardless of the model!
Photographer: Ken Stoltzfus
History from FAA files:
2/28/38 Application for Airworthiness for Howard Aircraft s/n 206, Model DGA-9, Approved Type Certificate 645. It had a 285-HP Jacobs L-5 engine and a Curtiss Wright (later known as Curtiss Reed) 55501 propeller.
3/38, Sold to William D. Owens of Atlanta, GA for $10,487.50; Aircraft license shows #3600 gross, #2273 empty, max payload is 522 pounds with 97-gal of fuel.
9/39, CAA Form AC18-1 following an accident. Shows new propeller and repairs to leading edge of right wing.
12/40, Sold to R. J. White, Atlanta, GA;
2/41, Aircraft total time 334-Hr.;
8/41 to James R. Harrington, dba Harrington Air Service, Mansfield, OH (later Harrington Air Service Inc.;
1/42, Installed Hamilton Standard 2B20 controllable pitch propeller.
4/45, Sold to E. C. Patterson Jr., Chattanooga, TN;
4/45, Propeller repair by Ford Motor Company, Propeller Repair, Ford Airport, Dearborn, MI;
8/45, Sold to Ed Milam, Milam Charter Service, Lakeland, FL; 2/46, Sold to "Florida-Fresh" Air Express Inc., Lakeland, FL.
3/46, Extensive and well-documented conversion to DGA-11 with P&W R985. Aircraft total time was 2450-Hr. Aircraft subsequently identified as a DGA-11, Approved Type Certificate 672, with a gross weight of #4100.
1/47, Sold to U. S. Airlines, Inc., St. Petersburg, FL for $11,000;
7/47 Sold to Dr. Joseph J. Locke, St. Petersburg, FL;
10/51 Sold to Pinellas Squadron, Civil Air Patrol Inc., St. Petersburg, FL;
6/53, Sold to Dr. Joseph J. Locke again;
6/53, Sold to St. Petersburg Aviation Services, St. Petersburg, FL.
10/54, Sold to T. B. Holman and H. R. Homan, Vero Beach, FL;
11/57, Sold to Maurice E. Brown, Fort Pierce, FL for $2,250;
10/63 to Robert D. Bleifield, Coal City, IL;
6/70, Sold to William H. Wright, Jr., Tulsa, OK;
8/71, Sold to Robert L. Younkin, Fayetteville, AR;
7/84, to Fern W. Younkin;
12/96 to Robert L. Younkin, and into a trust;
12/97 to Arkansas Air Museum, Inc., Fayetteville, AR;
2/04, to J. R. Younkin, Springdale, AR.
Howard Models
DGA-9, DGA-11


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