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North American Navion NC8528H, N8528H Photo
Photo ID: 1011566
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Model: Navion, Temco Twin D16-A Registration: N123N
Year: 1947 Serial Number: TTN-56
Engine(s): Lycoming O-340-A1A, 4-Cyl., 170-Hp each Owner: Dennis W. Susens, Highland, MI
Location: VBW, Bridgewater Airpark, Bridgewater, VA Photographer: Ken Stoltzfus
Date: November, 2003 Present Registration: Same Present Owner (FAA info): Same
Notes: 12/15/04 - N123N was built as a 1947 North American Navion, s/n NAV4-206, NC8528H (which would soon become N8528H).

The first Airworthiness document in the FAA records is the January, 1947 Statement of Conformity by North American Aviation, Inc., for Navion, s/n NAV-4-206. The original Operations Limitations say, "This airplane is approved for: INSTRUMENT NIGHT - Not for night hire beyond a 3-mile radius from the center of the airport of take off." Interesting!

There were at least two Twin Navion conversions. In addition to the Temco-Riley there was the Camair, with Continental O-470 engines. I don't have any Camair photos yet.

In April 1955 it was sold to Temco Aircraft, of Dallas, TX, who converted it to a Temco D-16A, s/n TTN-56, under Type Certificate 2A-1. Several persons mistakenly called it a Ryan Navion instead of a North American Navion, including Temco.
Temco Riley Twin Navion D-16A N123N, Aircraft Photo
Photo ID: 1011567
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Notes: N8528H had 2750-hours TT before conversion and a change of registration to N123N. The twin Navion uses the Lycoming O-340-A1A engine, a model Lycoming unsuccessfully tried to insert between the '320 and '360 series engines.

Somebody somewhere added tip tanks to N123N.
Photographer: Ken Stoltzfus
North American Navion Photos, Temco Riley D16-A
Photo ID: 1011568
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Notes: It may be a twin but it's still a Navion, complete with sliding canopy.

You might enjoy visiting this site for more info on twin Navions
Photographer: Ken Stoltzfus
History from FAA files: History from FA files: 1/47, Statement of Conformity by North American Aviation, Inc., for North American, Navion, s/n NAV-4-206. Original Operating Operations say "This airplane is approved for: INSTRUMENT NIGHT - Not for night hire beyond a 3-mile radius from the center of the airport of take off."

2/18/47, North American NC8528H, s/n NAV4-206, sold to St. Louis Flying Service, St. Louis, MO; 3/11/47 to R. J. Fryer, dba Standard-Fryer Drilling Co., Mt. Vernon, IL, for $8672. Had a Continental E185-3. Address was changed to Dallas, TX.

1/49 Sold to Clarence J. Simpson of Dallas; 4/50 to Pan American Geophysical, Wichita Falls, Tx.; 12/51 Annual, showed E-185-9 engine; 12/51 To Tunnell Aircraft, Dallas, TX, $3250; 1/52 to C. G. Acord, Dallas; 1/53 Annual, 2416-hours TT; 337 Showing installation of Palo Alto Airport stabilizer angle of incidence kit; 3/54 Annual, TT 2604-hours; 11/54 to Carpenter-Houston in Morehouse, LA; 2/55 Sold to Jack M. Riley, Dallas, TX, as N123N, mistakenly called a Ryan Navion in several documents;

4/55 To Temco Aircraft, Dallas; 6/55 Statement of Conformity by TEMCO Aircraft Corporation for Temco, D16-A, s/n TTN-56, under Type Certificate 2A-1; Annual inspection shows 2750-hours total time for "Single Engine NAV-4-206", and two new Lycoming O-340-A1A engines; Registration changed to N123N at this time.

6/55 Sold to Jack M. Riley, Dallas, TX as a TEMCO D16-A; 6/55 Same date sold to Walnut Creek Canning Co., Walnut Creek, CA as TEMCO D16-A, s/n TTN-56. FAA is still writing Ryan into the "Make" space; 3/56 To Salinas Aircraft, Salinas, CA as Make, Temco Riley.

6/56, 337 to repair damage after forced landing. Both engines disassembled, installed new bottom skins, new nose section including door, both new nacelles, engine mounts and more; 7/57 To Pacific Aero Industries, San Francisco, CA, s/n "Was Nav-4206, Now TTN-56, Chattel Mortgage of $16,800; 9/57 To H. A. Sundean & Edith P. Sundean, Santa Cruz, CA; 8/72 Registered to Raymond M. Nelson, Santa Cruz; 4/98 To Adventist World Aviation, Inc., Berrien Springs, MI; 10/01 To Dennis W. Susens, Berrien Springs.
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