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U.S. Army North American AT-6C Texan
Photo ID: 1015057
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Model: AT-6C-10-NT Texan Registration: Tail Number 24148
Year: 1942 Serial Number: 42-4148, c/n 88-12368
Engine(s): P&W R1340-AN1, 600-HP Owner: U. S. Army
Location: Randolph Field, San Antonio TX area Photographer: And old 8x10 from the collection of Ken Stoltzfus
Date: Early-mid 1940's Present Registration: Same Present Owner (FAA info):
Notes: 11/18/04 - The photo is so sharp that with a magnifying glass you can read the model and s/n on the first aircraft! Six Randolph Field (San Antonio, TX) AT-6C-10-NT's in formation. What a shot! These aircraft were all built in North American Aircraft's Dallas plant (thus the NT in the model number).

Because of the wartime effort to save metal, some AT-6's were built with a wood monocoque, that is, the aft fuselage section. It is obvious on this photo that there are no rivets in that area. The wood section comes up under the baggage door to the N22 on the lower aircraft and extends aft, under the tail. They also had wood horizontal stabilizers. The CAA required that all wood components be replaced with metal ones before certification.

The closest aircraft is tail number 24148, s/n 42-4148, c/n 88-12368 and from there up they are tail 24150, s/n 42-4150, c/n 88-12370; tail 24187, s/n 42-4187, c/n 88-12407; tail 24182, s/n 42-4182, c/n 88-12402; tail 24149, s/n 42-4149, c/n 88-12369; and finally tail 24236, s/n 42-4236, c/n 88-12484.

The only one I can find on the FAA registry or otherwise on the Internet is the third one up, N31, which appears under c/n (construction number) 88-12407 as N9525C. It is registered to Richard Sykes in No. Hollywood, CA and appears in a list at www.airrace.com/AT-6 class3.htm as having been entered in a race at one time.

This photo may be purchased as NA-3 in the FlyingHigher.net Store as a print or on a mousepad.
Details on AT-6C  42-4148
Photo ID: 1015058
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Notes: Here's a close-up of the first aircraft. Notice the detail! It is nearly, but not quite that sharp in the reprints I sell. Let me know, if you know the pilot.
Photographer: Stoltzfus, Ken
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