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Photo ID: 1015002
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Model: P-51B, P-51D Registration: USAF
Year: 1942 and 1944 Serial Number: Several
Engine: Packard Merlin V-1650-7, V12, 1490-HP in "D" Owner: USAF
Location: England Photographer: Photo credit: Official U.S. Air Force Photo
Date: 1944, July Present Registration: Present Owner (FAA info):
Notes: 8/27/03 - A famous photo* named "Bottisham Four", showing four P-51 Mustangs from the 361st Fighter Group, 375th Fighter Station based at Bottisham, in England. Here is information on each aircraft, gathered from several Internet sources:

P-51D, 413410 (44-13410), pilot Lt. Col. Thomas J.J. Christian, commanding officer, was killed in action in this aircraft on August 12, 1944. It was named "Lou IV", for his baby daughter. You may have seen photos of a contemporary P-51D, NL51TK, (s/n 44-63350), painted to resemble this aircraft.

P-51D, 413926 (44-13926), assigned to Lt. Abe. P Rosenberger. Aircraft was lost, with pilot Donald D. Dellinger, August 9, 1944 in England.

This aircraft has apparently had a dorsal fin installed. Joe Baugher** says, "In order to provide for better directional stability, a dorsal fin was added ahead of the rudder during the production run of the P-51D, Block 10. Some of the earlier P-51Ds (plus a few P-51Bs) were retrofitted with this dorsal fin. The extra weight and drag caused by this fin was quite small, but it helped a lot in improving the directional stability, especially when the rear fuselage fuel tank was full."

P-51D, 413568 (44-13568), Capt. Bruce W. "Red" Rowlett, aircraft named "Sky Bouncer". Aircraft was later involved in an accident but I have not found details.

According to Baugher, all three of the D-models were built as P-51D-5-NA aircraft in North American's, Inglewood, CA plant.

P-51B, 2106811 (42-106811), Lt. Francis T. Glanker's "Suzy-G". See photo and text on her unhappy and somewhat intriguing ending Click Here

A good site on P-51's, and a color photo of these four aircraft may be seen Click Here

* This is an 8x10, official USAF photo that I purchased. On the back it is stamped, "52830 AC - North American P-51s in formation, 375th Fighter Squadron, 361st Fighter Group, England. Please Credit: Official U.S. Air Force Photo."

** You can find extensive technical details on the P-51 series on Joe Bauger's site, Clck Here
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