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Photo ID: 1041003
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Model: PA-8 Super Mailwing Registration: NC10753
Year: 1931 Serial Number: 164
Engine: 300-HP, Wright J6-9 or P&W Wasp Jr. Owner: Jack Rose
Spangle, WA
Location: Paradise Air Ranch
Spangle, WA
Photographer: Probably Chris D. Stoltzfus. Photo is part of Karl & Ken Stoltzfus Collection
Date: 1974, June Present Registration: N10753 Present Owner (FAA info): Woodlands Toy Store LP, Eighty Four, PA
Notes: - 8/9/03 - My father, the late Chris D. Stoltzfus of Coatesville, PA, saw this Pitcairn PA8 in Spangle, WA, in June 1974. It was not uncommon to find airplanes like this in the 1960-70's. Fortunately many have been lovingly brought back to new or better-than-new condition.

Only six PA-8's were built, including one prototype. They are three-place and would be a real treasure to own! At one time this one was owned by famous actor, Steve McQueen.

The PA-8 was certificated with a 300-HP, P&W Wasp Jr. or Wright J6-9. I believe this one has the Wright. Several sources indicate that the PA-8 was type certificated under ATC 364, but I can't find that number, nor the PA-8 anywhere in the FAA specs. The other Pitcairns are there but not this one. Any thoughts?

NC10753 was rebuilt soon after these photos were taken. You can see an August 1977 shot at Evergreen Airfield, in Washington, at Pircairn PA-8. It looks a whole lot better!

I found an announcement on the Internet that it was to be auctioned at the Wings & Wheels sale near Chicago, on June 9, 2001. NC10753 is now on display at Nemacolin Woodlands Resort & Spa, Farmington, PA. You could buy a new one in 1931 for about $12,500 - - which, come to think of it, was a pretty good pile of change in that day!

Click here for an outstanding site on the Pitcairn Mailwing series. Scroll down, to find the PA-8.

These photos are from the collection of Karl and Ken Stoltzfus.

Photo ID: 1041004
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Notes: I'm not sure why my father was visiting Jack Rose, but at the same time he took a photo of Stearman N9078H, which belonged to Mr. Rose at the time. That Stearman had been a cherished member of our family for over 25-years. If Father was in the area on business he would very likely have stopped by to say "Hi" to Jack and to '78H
Photographer: Stoltzfus, Ken collection

Photo ID: 1041005
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Notes: I'm wondering if this aircraft hadn't been used as a duster. The cover over the front cockpit area sort of looks like something that might have been lifted up in order to fill a hopper.
Photographer: Stoltzfus, Ken collection
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