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Photo ID: 1015003
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Model: SEV-1XP, SEV-S1 Registration: X18Y (NX18Y)
Year: 1935 Serial Number: c/n 2
Engine(s): P&W R1830B Twin Wasp Owner:
Location: Unknown Photographer: From the collection of Ken Stoltzfus
Date: 1935-37 Present Registration: Aircraft scrapped, 1937 Present Owner (FAA info):
Notes: 2/7/04 - The Seversky SEV-1XP was Major Alexander de Seversky's second aircraft and his entry in the 1935 USAAC competition for a single-seat monoplane to replace the Boeing P-26. Few aircraft have been as dramatically modified as X18Y, in its short life of three years!

The aircraft was originally built as the SEV-2XP, which was two place, fixed gear and powered by an 800-HP, Wright XR-1670 twin-row engine. It was damaged on its way to Wright Patterson Field for the competition fly-off. In the rebuilt process it was converted to single-place with retractable landing gear and the Wright R1820 (single row), in order to compete more favorably.

Seversky won the competition and in 1936 was awarded a contract to build nearly 100 aircraft, which were designated the P-35.

Aerofiles.com indicates that this aircraft was repowered with a P&W R-1830B Twin Wasp, redesignated the SEV-S1, and raced by Frank Sinclair to fourth place in the 1935 National Air races. It received a new tail at the same time. That would seem to be confirmed by this photo. The engine nose case, and the engine installation appear to be P&W R1830 instead of Wright R1820. (See my photos of the SEV-32, P-35) If that is true, the photo was taken in the aircraft's final configuration, an SEV-S1.

Only one of these aircraft was built and it was scrapped in 1937. It was the predecessor to a line of aircraft which evolved into the Republic P-47.
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