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Stinson V-77, AT-19 N79458
Photo ID: 1011520
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Model: Stinson V-77, AT-19 Registration: N79458
Year: 1943 Serial Number: 77-36 or 77-036
Engine(s): Lycoming R-680-13, 300-HP, 9-Cyl. Radial Owner: Alaska Aviation Heritage Museum, Anchorage, AK
Location: Z41, Lake Hood Strip Airport, Anchorage, AK Photographer: Ken Stoltzfus
Date: July, 2004 Present Registration: Same Present Owner (FAA info): Same
Notes: 12/4/04 - Don't miss the Alaska Aviation Heritage Museum if you are ever in Anchorage. They have a very nice collection. And if you get there the right weekend in July you can over-indulge at their Salmon Bake. Listen, farm-raised, orange-dyed WalMart salmon isn't the same as this!

Of N79458, their web site says, "This aircraft was purchased from the Planes of Fame Museum in Chino, California by Don Rogers and Bob Wagstaff of Anchorage and donated to the aviation museum, where it was fully restored by museum volunteers." I don't believe this one was actually used by Alaska Airlines.
1011521  Alaska Aviation Heritage Museum, Anchorage, AK
Photo ID: 1011521
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Notes: This is your 300-HP, 9-Cylinder, R680-13 radial engine with a Hamilton Standard, 2B30, counterweighted propeller. The R-680-13 was widely available after the big war because of all the Beech AT-10's that were scrapped. My father bought a whole bunch of zero-time engines for $40 or so each after the war.

That is the governor on the nose at 5:00.
Photographer: Stoltzfus, Ken
Stinson V77, AT19 Reliant, Alaska
Photo ID: 1011522
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Notes: What a contrast against the blue Alaskan sky! That's the main museum display area behind the V-77.
Photographer: Stoltzfus, Ken
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