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Stinson 108 Voyager, O-435 Lycoming Tunnell conversion
Photo ID: 1011499
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Model: Stinson 108-2 Voyager Registration: N9510K
Year: 1947 Serial Number: 108-2510
Engine(s): Lycoming O-435, 190-HP, 6-Cyl. Owner: Wades Plumbing Service, Inc, Soldotna, AK
Location: PASX, Soldotna, AK Photographer: Ken Stoltzfus
Date: July, 2004 Present Registration: Same Present Owner (FAA info): Same
Notes: 12/3/04 - This is your "small tail" Stinson Voyager, as compared to the larger vertical tail of the 108-3.

We're in Alaska here. Note the squared off wings with droop tips, the 10" wheels and no gear fairings. The aircraft is still fabric covered instead of being metalized like some.

Wade probably uses his Voyager on airports (using the term loosely) that would scare the pajabbers out of most '108 owners. Maybe he makes house calls in the bush to fix peoples frozen pipes.

The 150 or 165-HP Franklin has been replaced by the 190-HP, O-435 Lycoming, most certainly the O-435-1 from the Stinson L-5. That was the Tunnell conversion like our family sold many years ago. It probably has a Hartzell HC12x20, controllable pitch prop which makes it a real performer for short strips.

I'll bet '10K is a real blast to play with! Hopefully Wade will be wiser than the Private pilot who tried to take off from a lake with it in 1967. The 220-hour pilot was hunting at Pilot Point, AK. The FAA says, "Acft floats struck lake bank. Plt attempted T/O without sufficient room." Maybe he should have hauled his moose out in two loads!

And then in 1971 there was the 129-hour Private Pilot with 44-hours in type who let things get moving in the wrong direction when he tried to land at Kodiak with a gusting crosswind of up to 30-K.

Not to worry, though. These Stinsons have a very sturdy welded steel tubular fuselage. If you bend something in one of these events you do a little work inside and you're soon "good to go".
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