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Stinson Reliant SR-6A
Photo ID: 1011683
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Model: Stinson Reliant SR-6A Registration: NC15127
Year: 1935 Serial Number: 9619
Engine(s): Lycoming R680-D5, 9-Cyl. Radial, 260-HP Owner: Max R. and J. Rene Davis, Waconia, MN
Location: Oshkosh '05 Photographer: Ken Stoltzfus
Date: July, 2005 Present Registration: Same Present Owner (FAA info): Same
Notes: 9/189/05 - FAA files show a September, 1935 Bill of Sale from Stinson Aircraft Corporation to George E. Kent Jr., Jericho, Long Island, NY for Stinson Reliant SR-6A, s/n 9619, manufactured under Approved Type Certificate 580.

Aircraft had a 225-HP, Lycoming R680-4 engine. Other data says it had a 2-blade ground adjustable, Hamilton Standard metal propeller, large fuel tanks with a capacity of 75-gallons in two tanks, "full fairings", leather upholstery and hammock type rear seats. Gross weight was #3325, empty #2375, and a payload of #539 with 34-gal. of fuel and #292 with full tanks.
Stinson Reliant SR-6A, N18207
Photo ID: 1011684
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Oshkosh '05, Tuesday was dreary all day, miserable for photos. But then came late evening's clearing sky. The low sun turned this beautiful 1935, Stinson SR-6A into a golden moment. So often, if we'll just wait, the sun will come out and shine on our life - - even when it seems almost too late! (This aircraft is almost white, not yellow as the setting sun makes it look.)

This is the photo I used for the cover on Preferred Airparts' 2006 calendar, including Howard DGA-11, NC18207 in the background
Photographer: Ken Stoltzfus
Stinson Reliant SR-6
Photo ID: 1011685
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This big Stinson has carried its original registration its entire life of 70-years. As of late-1999 it had only 1580-hours total time. You can see a list of owners and other info in the text under the photos.

The SR-6A with its 225-HP engine and ground adjustable prop was the economy model of the SR-6 series, but by 1999 NC15127 had at least a 260-HP Lycoming with a constant speed prop. About 50 of the series were built. They have vacuum operated flaps.
Photographer: Ken Stoltzfus
Stinson Reliant SR-6A leather interior
Photo ID: 1011686
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NC15127 as it looks today. This was an incredible restoration - - about as close to a "10" as you can get.
Photographer: Ken Stoltzfus
Stinson Reliant SR-6A instrument panel
Photo ID: 1011687
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If the Davis' speak of the "control wheel", that's exactly what they mean.
Photographer: Ken Stoltzfus
Stinson Reliant SR-6A, NC15127 Awards
Photo ID: 1011688
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Quite a complimentary lineup of awards!
Photographer: Ken Stoltzfus
History from FAA files:
8/39, Sold to Francis B. Field of Bethany, CT. Aircraft had 254-hours TT. He said he would use it 20% for pleasure and 80% for charter and sightseeing;
7/42, Sold to Jerome S. Leeds, Rochester, NY;
11/42, To John J. Keating, Atlantic City, NJ;
4/44, To Flight Training Research Assn, Inc., Washington, D.C. (later Danbury, CT) for $4500. Make of aircraft is now, "Stinson Div. Consolidated Vultee Aircraft Corp.;
6/46 To Westchester Airport, Inc., Armonk, NY for $2900;
11/46, Both wings rebuilt with new spars, aircraft recovered;
3/47, To J. Vincent Byrne, White Plains (or Tuckahoe), New York, a used car dealer;
12/49, To F. J. Protys and H. J. Bailey, Pleasantville, NY, who recovered the wings;
7/51, To Larry Sleznikow and Martin Smisek, Milford, NJ;
4/53, To Robert C. Payntar and Peter D'Agostino of Madison, NJ, who restored it. The aircraft may have been inactive for some years here.
4/76, Sold to John Richard Turgyan, Sangar, TX;
8/80, To Dolph D. Overton, Kenly, NC, registration application for Overton, Wings & Wheels, Orlando, FL;
1/90, To Robert C. Hood, Carthage, MO; 2/90, To Michael J. Hubesch, Austin, TX for $20,000;
6/96, To Howard H. Kron, Montgevideo, MN, who restored it;
10/99 Application for Airworthiness shows 2B20 prop (constant speed), R680-D5 engine, and 1580-Hrs. total aircraft time. FAA 337 covers modern avionics package;
12/99, To Max R. and J. Rene Davis, Waconia, MN.
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