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Photo ID: 1011469
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Model: Waco YKC, YKC-S Registration: N14066
Year: 1934 Serial Number: 3991
Engine(s): Jacobs R755-A2, 300-HP, 7-cylinder radial Owner: Alaska Aviation Heritage Museum
Anchorage, AK
Location: Alaska Aviation Heritage Museum
Anchorage, AK
Photographer: Ken Stoltzfus
Date: July 2004 Present Registration: Same Present Owner (FAA info): Same
Notes: 11/12/04 - I really dislike taking photos in a setting like this but if I'm going to get a Waco seaplane, it will probably be in a museum. So here goes.

This is a nicely restored, 1934 Waco YKC on floats. The Waco Aircraft Company, of Troy, Ohio, had a very specific way of designating the model of a given Waco airplane. It is simple if you understand it and confusing if you don't. In the YKC, the "Y" designates the engine, in this case a Jacobs L-4, 225-HP, 7-cylinder radial. The "K" indicates the wing type, which is Clark Y. The "C" indicates that it has a "Custom" fuselage whereas the YKS has a "Standard" fuselage.

This is a 1934 YKC, and it had rear quarter windows which were removed at some point. The 1935 model was called a YKC-S and did not have the rear windows. Starting in 1936 Waco put a number after the model to designate the year, i.e. YKC-6 for a 1936 model. Phew!!

In Joseph Juptner's, U.S. Civil Aircraft Vol. 6, he says, "ser. #3991 modified to YKC-S". That would be this airplane. Now this can get pretty confusing. : I think this aircraft has been called a YKC-S because it was converted to Seaplane configuration in 1939, not because it was converted to the 1935, YKC-S configuration.

It was a YKC, 4 PCLB (4-Place Cabin Land Biplane) until the (one-year) License Authorization which expired May 31, 1939. This is when the floats were installed and it was now a YKC, 4 PCSB. The next License Authorization, which expired September 29, 1939, called it a YKC 4 PCL-SB. The next one, which expired July 1, 1940, said it was a "YKC or YKC-S 4 PCL-SB". Most of the time since then it has simply been a "YKC-S" and it is presently registered that way. I highly suspect that it is a YKC when on wheels or skis, a YKC-S when on floats, and that it was never technically converted to the YKC-S, 1935 configuration. In numerous documents over the years people tried to deal with that confusion by simply calling it a "Waco Seaplane."

You would enjoy older photos of this aircraft on the museum's website. http://home.gci.net/~aahm/pages/aircraft/wacoykc.htm. Be sure to visit the museum if you are in Alaska.
Alaska Aviation Heritage Museum
Photo ID: 1011470
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Notes: Gross weight of this YKC is #3000 on wheels and #3250 on floats. N14066 has been in Alaska since 1939. It flew over two thousand hours there, which certainly included some adventures
Photographer: Stoltzfus, Ken
Waco Cabin seaplane, YKC, YKS
Photo ID: 1011471
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Notes: They don't make them like this anymore! Wow, what woodwork! The YKS (Standard) was certainly not this nicely done.

Note that the cabin entrance door is behind the pilot's seat.
Photographer: Stoltzfus, Ken
Waco, Edo floats
Photo ID: 1011472
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Notes: Floats were first installed in May, 1939. The License Authorization of that date shows Edo 38-3430 floats and water rudders, large tail surfaces, large fuel tanks, and a throw-over control column.
Photographer: Stoltzfus, Ken
Waco YKC-S
Photo ID: 1011473
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Notes: The right-hand cabin door is not standard but was most likely added for seaplane operations.
Photographer: Stoltzfus, Ken
Waco Cabin, Jacobs aircraft engine
Photo ID: 1011474
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Notes: N14066 was delivered with a Hartzell wood prop. By 1936 it had a Curtiss Reed 55501, fixed pitch aluminum; by 1938 a Hamilton Standard ground adjustable; and in 1944 a Hamilton Standard 2B20 constant speed was installed. I'm baffled by the looks of the blades in this photo. They look like they have a cuff toward the center.

At some point a Cessna T-50 or UC-78 Bamboo Bomber cowling and air intake system were installed. N14066 would have originally had a "bump cowl". The oil cooler there was hung on in 1988 when the 300-HP, R755-A2M1 engine was installed.
Photographer: Stoltzfus, Ken
History from FAA files: From FAA records with my notes: 9/28/34, Waco YKC, s/n 3991, type 4PCLB, NC14066 to Waco Sales of N.Y. Inc., Mineola, L.I., NY; 9/28/34, Application for Commercial Aircraft License, submitted by Waco Sales of N.Y. Inc.. Aircraft had a Jacobs L-4, 225-HP engine, Hartzell wood prop, 70-gallon fuel capacity, built under Aircraft Type Certificate 533; 9/34 Airworthiness Certificate shows #3000 gross weight, #1858 empty weight. Indicates that the aircraft had an electrical system, and a "bank & turn indicator".

11/34 to Howell Van Gerbig, New York City, NY; 4/37 to Chester N. Stevens, West Hartford, CT; 5/37 to Waco Sales of New York; 11/37 to Troy Flying Service, Inc., Troy, OH; 12/37 to Alexander A. Toochkoff, Hempstead, NY (also c/o Seversky Aircraft Corp., Farmingdale, L.I., NY); 1/38, accident; 4/39 to Island Crop Dusting Company, Inc., Caribou, ME (Ernest Pretsch, George J. Brown, Matthew Springer, officers); 5/39 Edo 38-3430 floats installed by North Beach Air Service, aircraft had 680-hours TT. After this it was alternately called a type 4 PCL-SB or a 4 PCSB.

11/39 to Matt Flensburg, Dillingham, AK, now bears Model YKC-S; 7/39 "Registration Airworthiness Certificate" lists it in Land, Ski, Sea configuration; 1/40, installed Washington Aircraft Skis Model 3600, and tail ski; 8/40, note at periodic inspection, "Ship airworthy and only in fair condition."; 1/41, accident of some kind, repaired wing spar, tail, replaced prop blades; 8/42 Periodic inspection, "General condition fair. Engine topped. Owner claims Forms 308 and 309 never received; considering mail service to his residence this could easily be." :; 9/44 '337, Airplane completely rebuilt, instruments overhauled, floats overhauled. Hamilton Standard 2B20 constant speed prop installed.

4/47 to Dillingham Air Service, Dillingham, AK; 1/50 to Dennis Branham, Anchorage, AK; 3/51 to Nelson Smith, Anchorage, AK; 3/53 to Thomas P. Carroll, Rogers Park, AK; 3/55 to Harry E. Adams Jr., Seward, then Cooper Landing, AK; 10/58 to Harry E. Adams and Royce M. Adams, Cooper Landing, then Soldotna, AK; 6/55, '337, recovered fuselage, repaired/refinished wings; 6/55 Annual inspection, 2959:43 hours TT; 7/73 to Erik Barnes & Al L. Hudson, Kenai, AK; 11/74 to Dennis Branham & James R. Branham, Anchorage, AK.

9/88, '337, Aircraft stripped and recovered with Grade A, installed oil cooler, installed 300-HP Jacobs R755-A2M1 engine; 1/95 to Alaska Aviation Heritage Museum, Anchorage, AK; 2/99, '337, Aircraft restored;
Waco Models


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