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Waco MNF
Photo ID: 1015056
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Model: Waco MNF Registration: NC11213
Year: 1931 Serial Number: 3408
Engine(s): Menasco Pirate C-4, 125-HP, 4-Cyl, Inverted Inline Owner: Unknown
Location: Possibly Troy, Ohio Photographer: An original 8x10 from the collection of Ken Stoltzfus
Date: Early 1930's Present Registration: Unknown Present Owner (FAA info): Unknown
Notes: 11/18/04 - The Waco MNF is a three place aircraft with a wing span of nearly 30' and gross weight of 1900-lb. It cruises at 100-mph and landed at 35! Only four MNF's were built, i.e. NC11213, NC11222, NC11239 and NC11246.

This is the photo used in Joseph Juptner's U.S. Civil Aircraft series, and in the MNF paragraph on Aerofiles.com. "Menasco Motors, Inc." is written on the bottom right-hand corner. Juptner says that Al Menasco used the MNF to help promote his engines.

According to Juptner, a Heywood air-operated starter, caster action tail wheel, compass, navigation lights, first-aid kit and fire extinguisher were standard equipment on the MNF. NC11213 has the optional, Hamilton Standard ground adjustable prop. Juptner says that brakes were optional.

The MNF is one of four models in Waco's Model F series. Nearly 150 of the Warner powered RNF's were built; about 20, 100-hp, Kinner powered KNF's; and around 50 of the 125-hp Kinner, INF.

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