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Wright F2W-1, Navy A6744, 1923 Pulitzer Price Race
Photo ID: 1015059
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Model: Wright F2W-1, F2W-2 Registration: A6744
Year: 1923 Serial Number: Navy BuNo A6744
Engine(s): Wright T-3 Tornado, 700-HP Owner: U.S. Navy
Location: Unknown Photographer: An old 8x10 from the collection of Ken Stoltzfus
Date: Uncertain Present Registration: Unknown Present Owner (FAA info): Unknown
Notes: 11/18/03 - The 1923, Wright Aeronautical F2W-1, Navy BuNo A6744. It raced in the 1923 Pulitzer Prize Race with Marine Lt. L. H. Sanderson at the controls and finished third at 230.06 MPH. The aircraft was modified to the F2W-2 seaplane configuration in 1924 in preparation for the Schneider Cup Race, but crashed during testing. It was powered by a 700-HP Wright T-3 Tornado engine.

Photo ID: 1015060
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Notes: Information that is attached to the back of the photo. I gather that this was a reprint from 1948 or earlier.

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Photographer: Stoltzfus, Ken
Wright Models
F2W-1, F2W-2

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